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    To every great thing in this world, there is a great story that goes along with it. D.R.N. Landscapes, Inc. was founded in 1994 as Dave’s Landscape & Design. A young entrepreneur named Dave Nuccio found a love for all types of landscaping and gardening work. At first Dave took on only a few weekly mowing clients, helped other customers design various gardens, and began studying fertilization and other chemically-enhanced gardening procedures. The studies continued by taking various classes and seminars on all of the industry standards across the board from paving to planting. A degree was obtained from DePaul University in the field of Business Management.
    As time went on Dave formed a small crew into a multiple crew company. Dave's Landscape & Design operated in 4 main sectors; Brick Paving/Natural Stone, Maintenance, Fertilizing, and Miscellaneous Landscaping which includes Mulching, Landscape Lighting, Pond/Water Features, and other such areas. In March of 2005, Dave's Landscape & Design was re-formed into D.R.N. Landscapes, Inc.  D.R.N. has the same morals/principles as what Dave's Landscape & Design had but for reasons to better its customers and to keep the company at its potential, this critical change needed to be made.
    D.R.N. Landscapes, Inc. is based out of Northbrook, Illinois which is about 30 miles north of Chicago. They are certified ICPI brick-paver installers, certified by the Department of Agriculture, and recognized installers of concrete paving products manufactured by Unilock, Belgard, Oaks, Pavelock, and the Northfield Block Company.
As the future continues to change before each one of our eyes, so too does D.R.N. Landscapes, Inc. with updating equipment, computer systems, and everything else that makes our customers happier each time their property is serviced.  In March of 2010 we opened our first material supply yard and waste transfer site.  The following year in 2011 we expanded that location  to better serve our customers and increase our efficiency.
    D.R.N. Landscapes, Inc. is a company that likes to grow with each one of their customers and establish a one to one relationship. We lay the cards on the table. No hidden costs, no elevated fees, just honest work done at the best possible price we can offer.  For almost 20 years, Dave Nuccio and his team of talented employees continue to meet and exceed customer expectations resulting in outstanding landscapes with lasting impressions.  From small residential jobs to large commercial projects we have the equipment, man power and know how to tackle it all.  Give us a call today and see what D.R.N. can do for you!
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